Welcome to my website. I currently only use it as a legacy "about me" site, since my real life has taken priority and I don't have much time to keep my internet forefront areas updated. I guess you can consider this a quasi-haitus. I will try to update my internet forefronts whenever possible.
My YouTube channel is where I once posted furry content and debated with others. These days it just picks up a lot of dust.
My FurAffinity page is where I sometimes blog or post art, but lately I haven't been using it very much because of real life.
About me: I'm a Grey Muzzle (long standing member) of the Furry Fandom. My furry OC is a purple and white wolf. The one you hopefully see at the top of this page. My character has a long backstory that can be found on my FA gallery, but if you want the short version, she's the last remaining member of a royal family of wolves from a long since destroyed empire known as the Darkfang Empire. I try to keep her as much like me personality-wise as possible while retaining her own independant appearance and story.
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